Explore the beaches of Milos island

Milos is famous for its unique beaches. As Milos used to be a volcano there are astonishing earth formations, and beaches vary from white sandy ones which remind you of the Caribbean, to little gulfs craved into the stone. milos rockThe great majority of the beaches are organised with umbrellas and sun beds and many them have sea sports facilities. Beaches in Milos are a unique experience you should not miss.


The white, rocky beach reminds of lunar scenery. Sarakiniko, named after Sarakin pirates, is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches of Milos, if not the most beautiful one. It is moreover probably one of the most photographed beach of the Aegean due to its unique landscape; horizontal white rocks penetrate into the sea forming small and huge hollows.


Beach witch lies next to Sarakiniko. It is a little sandy beach between 2 huge rocky. It is named after a French monk who lived there.


The sandy little beach located at the homonymous village. The water is shallow and that is why many families with little children prefer it. Next to the beach there are taverns with fresh fish and other sea food and traditional cafes (cafenia).


The hot spots inside the sea with water from the submarine thermal springs make this beach unique. It is located only 10km south of Adamas. There are also various water sports facilities available. By the sea travellers may find cafes and fish taverns.


A wonderful beach with crystal clear waters, the only one on the island honoured with a blue flag for 2006. Do not miss to visit it and enjoy yourself.


Located in the south part of the island, Tsigrado is one of the most famous beaches on the island. Even though it is not organised and has no taverns or beach bar, it is hardly ever empty. In order to reach the beach, visitors have to descend a sandy slope with some narrow passages, so do not bring a lot of things with you. The crystal clear water and the white sandy with compensate you for the discomfort. Do not miss to look for the passage through the rocks which lead to the sea, at the left side of the beach.


A wonderful beach with colored rocks and sandy beach, just 30min from Adamas port. It is an organised beach however it is not very crowed. It has a amazing view to the sunset.


Provatas is a wonderful beach with interesting reddish sand. It is an organised beach where guests can enjoy their lunch at the fish taverns, however it is not so crowded. It is ideal for children as the water is pretty shallow.


Gerontas is not an organised beach but its dark coloured sand, the arches and the caves make it unique and this is the reason why it is often crowded. There are palm trees at the beach which provides guests with shadow.

Hivadolimni (or Achivadolimni):

Known to be the most beautiful beach on Milos – white sand, crystal-clear water full of shell-fish (Hivadolimni means lake of shell fish).milos swimming


Just 30min form Adamas, Emporios is the best place for those who want great view far from the crows. There travellers will find a traditional tavern.


Kleftiko (or Thalassina Meteora), is maybe the most impressive place and the most famous natural site on Milos island. It is comprised of huge white rocks rising in the middle of the sea, narrow openings and submarine caves which in combination with the deep blue water create an unique and astonishing scenery. It was named by the pirates (Kleftes) who used the area as their shelter and hoards. Kleftiko is not accessible but by the sea. There are everyday excursions to Kleftiko along with a tour of the island with boats from the Adamas port.